Xhyll Dark Sun

Session 1

The players were thrown into the Criterion in Balic. Before the match, none of them had ever met. Their first match was against another team of slaves.
The second match was the players and a bunch of minions vs an elite and his two guards.
After this match, they were approached by Lady Vakarian who told them that if they did well enough, she might purchase them from the arena in order to do tasks for her, a life that had a much higher chance of survival.

The third match was two seperate matches, each was given half of the arena. The teams were The Warlord and the Psion, and the Slayer and the Battlemind. Each team, and the two person teams they fought, were chained together with a 20 foot chain around their ankles. Because of bad luck the Slayer/Battlemind team almost lost their match. The Psion rode the Warlord in order to improve their mobility.

The fourth match was against an ID Fiend. The giant lizard lost the match quickly.



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