Xhyll Dark Sun

Session 2

The party started by getting a lush donated meal, the psion refused to eat because it wasn’t lush enough. The meal was poisioned. their first match, against a bunch of silt runners in a Ditchrian match was almost a complete failure. The key problem was a Spider Cactus. The spider Cactus actually ended up killing the last enemy before everyone died however.

The party then went around and looked into who poisoned them, turns out it was a servant slave in the kitchen.

The second match of the session was a match against another team, but two Daggorans were chained to the walls with extending chains. these creatures could kill whomever got close to them with little effort

The third match was the final match, it was a giant maze where each party member started seperated. they fought ambush spiders and eventually, when they all got together, a young phase spider. they were told that they would be set free if they won this final match, but that was a lie. they actually were sold to Lady Vakarian. The freedom thing was a ruse to help the Balic citizens feel that the City-State could have mercy/show compassion.



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