Xhyll Dark Sun

Session 3

The party was now owned by House Vakarian, who decied that they needed to go negotiate with tribe out in the mountains near Balic. They were supposed to negotiate for that tribe to raids a specific house’s farm, House Adell, instead of spreading out their raids.

In order to keep them in line, a Minor Geas was cast on the party to prevent them from revealing their status as a slave, or that they were working for House Vakarian. Also, a Ex-Slave Trader Mercenary Dray named Donaar was sent along with them to help keep the Vakarian investment secure and in line.

They equipped themselves then left. On the way they fought a Silk Wyrm, and found a cave full of silt runners, a drake, and some Dray. Inside was a small library, some minor magical items (an floating lamp and eternal chalk), and more impressively, a save haven for resting.



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