Xhyll Dark Sun

Session 4

The party got to the slave tribe camp, there they had some difficulty getting in, as they were almost ambushed. Regdar negotiated his way into the camp and by himself was confronted by the leader, a Large Mul with a Greataxe. He made an off hand comment about him owning slaves, which drew the ire of just about everyone in the camp. before things got bad, Erik stepped in.

The solution was they needed a sacrifice of some sort, they wanted to kill Regdar, but settled on a duel to the death between the party’s Thri-Kreen and a Gnoll from the slave tribe. The Thri-Kreen won and got to take the obsidian axe, as well as being invited to the slave tribe. He refused

The party traveled back with no issue, then got to the Vakarian farm they were supposed to meet at, Regdar Stark realized that it was his old family farmhouse villa. Lady Vakarian wanted them to meet the Adell family and steal a lockbox they were supposed to have, who were fans of their victory in the arena. The Adells ended up being advocates of freedom of slaves in Balic. First the Thri-Kreen, then Regdar, had duels with the son of the heads of the Adell family, a military leader/templar in training. While doing this, Kaylin snuck in to steal the lockbox, was almost caught, but got away with it. They discovered inside were deeds/wills, and other various paperwork. they took them out and secretly returned them while planning to give the lockbox to the Vakarians.

They were then hired to guard the Adell farm, where they were supposed to help the raiders kill everyone. The party decided that was not what they wished to do and left to go meet with the raiders again, planning to try and divert their attack to a Vakarian farm. On they way, they found some Kruthiks they decided to kill, and find a minor magical amulet.



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