Xhyll Dark Sun

Session 5

A Failed Raid

The party arrived at the raider camp once again. After a heated argument with the leader, they decided to leave their 400 or so ceramic coins as collateral so that the raiders could trust that they were not being led into an ambush.
The party went to help the raid, staying at the camp until it was time. While most of the raiders went for a forward assault, the party flanked the villa, going to attack it from behind. While they readily took down the initial defenders, after they entered the villa compound itself, they were beset by archers taking cover. They entered the building and worked their way though it. They killed a half-elf Athasian Minstrel and one Jhakar.

They got to the main room of the estate and there they found two half-giant thugs, another Jhakar, and a couple of Balican patricians. Gobbltygook charged into the room and injured one of the thugs, however the Thug took his revenge and smashed him to the ground. The archers from the previous encounter joined the fray, the male patrician started using The Way while the female patrician inspired the thugs to attack.

Luckily for the party, the Vakarians wanted them alive, as they were more valuable that way. After the party fell, they were imprisoned for about a week in a small dark pit filled with all sorts of nasty vermin. Vakarian herself came by to taunt them, and the party realized they were being sold off to some slave traders. They also noticed that the praetors in balic were more aggressively acquiring slaves than they normally had.

They were taken to a slave caravan headed for Altaruk, where a sandstorm of some sort hit it, a desert twister scattered the caravan and the party made their escape, stealing a kank and one cart.

As they tracked their way to Altaruk, they discovered too late that the ground beneath them was hollow, and it collapsed beneath them. To be Continued…



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