Regdar Stark

The fallen noble of House Stark


Short slender man, with black hair. he wears a rap over his head hiding most his hair, so he can pull it down to cover his face if he is in a sand storm, he wears really elaborate fancy pants pants, and no shirt. he is toned but not very muscular, on his right arm starting from his hand he as a tattoo of a black snake winding up is arm its head ends opened mouthed on the right side of his chest.


On a stormy night in the Stark manor two Children were born, Regdar and his twin sister Aurora. Aurora was born first and a few secants latter Regdar Was born with out life until there Mother held him and kissed him. The Slave that was helping give birth said that it looked like the Misses kissed Regdar and Regdar took the life out of there mother, bringing him to life but draining her life so much she died.

Aurora and Regdar grew up inseparable, but Regdars Father Blamed him for killing there mother, so treated him with Distain and never talked to him, but gave all his love and attention to his sister loving her more then any of the other Children. this slowly cosed the Twins to drift apart, but they staid really good friend until one day when the twins were around 10 after a party at the Starks house Regdars Father Drank to much and beat Regdar to a inch of his life wile his sister only watched in horror. the Father keep saying “You Killed Her, You Killed Her” until Regdars oldest Brother came in the room and restrained there father.

months latter Regdar woke up, his Brother told him that the Slave told his Father that it looked like Regdar sucked the life out of there Mother and that’s why his Father went crazy and hated him. Regdar blamed the Slave for the beating and his Father hating him. a few days latter Regdar told the slave to grab something out of a storage basement that is hardly ever used. as she walked over to were the item Regdar told her to get, a (bear?) trap set up by Regdar grabbed her leg holding her stuck there, Regdar closed the door to the room making it so no one can hear the screams of the Slave. the Slave ether starved to death or died from loss of blood, Regdar did not care as long as she died for doing something as bad as making a father hate his son. Her decade body was found years latter, the family assumed that it was a accident and she was trying to still something.

Regdar was latter trained in the was of Psicnic powers.

Years latter the Stark Family decided to attack the Sorrcorer king and start a rebellion, the Rebellion Fained because of a letter sent to the Guards of the sorroror king that was sent by a man called the Black Adder, wile the battle went on redgar was asleep in his bed, when the (evil ppl) pulled him from his bead and threw him into the arena witch he had sets to sit in. He was told in the Arena that the Black Adder had sent a letter to the Sorrcer king and that the only other family member left alive was his sistor who was visiting another family at that time. HE voued to get his Revinge and kill the Black Adder not for killing his Family but for making him a slave.

Regdar Stark

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