Xhyll Dark Sun

Session 5
A Failed Raid

The party arrived at the raider camp once again. After a heated argument with the leader, they decided to leave their 400 or so ceramic coins as collateral so that the raiders could trust that they were not being led into an ambush.
The party went to help the raid, staying at the camp until it was time. While most of the raiders went for a forward assault, the party flanked the villa, going to attack it from behind. While they readily took down the initial defenders, after they entered the villa compound itself, they were beset by archers taking cover. They entered the building and worked their way though it. They killed a half-elf Athasian Minstrel and one Jhakar.

They got to the main room of the estate and there they found two half-giant thugs, another Jhakar, and a couple of Balican patricians. Gobbltygook charged into the room and injured one of the thugs, however the Thug took his revenge and smashed him to the ground. The archers from the previous encounter joined the fray, the male patrician started using The Way while the female patrician inspired the thugs to attack.

Luckily for the party, the Vakarians wanted them alive, as they were more valuable that way. After the party fell, they were imprisoned for about a week in a small dark pit filled with all sorts of nasty vermin. Vakarian herself came by to taunt them, and the party realized they were being sold off to some slave traders. They also noticed that the praetors in balic were more aggressively acquiring slaves than they normally had.

They were taken to a slave caravan headed for Altaruk, where a sandstorm of some sort hit it, a desert twister scattered the caravan and the party made their escape, stealing a kank and one cart.

As they tracked their way to Altaruk, they discovered too late that the ground beneath them was hollow, and it collapsed beneath them. To be Continued…

Session 4

The party got to the slave tribe camp, there they had some difficulty getting in, as they were almost ambushed. Regdar negotiated his way into the camp and by himself was confronted by the leader, a Large Mul with a Greataxe. He made an off hand comment about him owning slaves, which drew the ire of just about everyone in the camp. before things got bad, Erik stepped in.

The solution was they needed a sacrifice of some sort, they wanted to kill Regdar, but settled on a duel to the death between the party’s Thri-Kreen and a Gnoll from the slave tribe. The Thri-Kreen won and got to take the obsidian axe, as well as being invited to the slave tribe. He refused

The party traveled back with no issue, then got to the Vakarian farm they were supposed to meet at, Regdar Stark realized that it was his old family farmhouse villa. Lady Vakarian wanted them to meet the Adell family and steal a lockbox they were supposed to have, who were fans of their victory in the arena. The Adells ended up being advocates of freedom of slaves in Balic. First the Thri-Kreen, then Regdar, had duels with the son of the heads of the Adell family, a military leader/templar in training. While doing this, Kaylin snuck in to steal the lockbox, was almost caught, but got away with it. They discovered inside were deeds/wills, and other various paperwork. they took them out and secretly returned them while planning to give the lockbox to the Vakarians.

They were then hired to guard the Adell farm, where they were supposed to help the raiders kill everyone. The party decided that was not what they wished to do and left to go meet with the raiders again, planning to try and divert their attack to a Vakarian farm. On they way, they found some Kruthiks they decided to kill, and find a minor magical amulet.

Session 3

The party was now owned by House Vakarian, who decied that they needed to go negotiate with tribe out in the mountains near Balic. They were supposed to negotiate for that tribe to raids a specific house’s farm, House Adell, instead of spreading out their raids.

In order to keep them in line, a Minor Geas was cast on the party to prevent them from revealing their status as a slave, or that they were working for House Vakarian. Also, a Ex-Slave Trader Mercenary Dray named Donaar was sent along with them to help keep the Vakarian investment secure and in line.

They equipped themselves then left. On the way they fought a Silk Wyrm, and found a cave full of silt runners, a drake, and some Dray. Inside was a small library, some minor magical items (an floating lamp and eternal chalk), and more impressively, a save haven for resting.

Session 2

The party started by getting a lush donated meal, the psion refused to eat because it wasn’t lush enough. The meal was poisioned. their first match, against a bunch of silt runners in a Ditchrian match was almost a complete failure. The key problem was a Spider Cactus. The spider Cactus actually ended up killing the last enemy before everyone died however.

The party then went around and looked into who poisoned them, turns out it was a servant slave in the kitchen.

The second match of the session was a match against another team, but two Daggorans were chained to the walls with extending chains. these creatures could kill whomever got close to them with little effort

The third match was the final match, it was a giant maze where each party member started seperated. they fought ambush spiders and eventually, when they all got together, a young phase spider. they were told that they would be set free if they won this final match, but that was a lie. they actually were sold to Lady Vakarian. The freedom thing was a ruse to help the Balic citizens feel that the City-State could have mercy/show compassion.

Session 1

The players were thrown into the Criterion in Balic. Before the match, none of them had ever met. Their first match was against another team of slaves.
The second match was the players and a bunch of minions vs an elite and his two guards.
After this match, they were approached by Lady Vakarian who told them that if they did well enough, she might purchase them from the arena in order to do tasks for her, a life that had a much higher chance of survival.

The third match was two seperate matches, each was given half of the arena. The teams were The Warlord and the Psion, and the Slayer and the Battlemind. Each team, and the two person teams they fought, were chained together with a 20 foot chain around their ankles. Because of bad luck the Slayer/Battlemind team almost lost their match. The Psion rode the Warlord in order to improve their mobility.

The fourth match was against an ID Fiend. The giant lizard lost the match quickly.


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