City of Sails

Balic is the wealthiest city-state, a trade city on the coast of the Estuary of Forked Tounges.
The city-state is ruled by Dictator Andropinis and is run by democracy.


Balic is ruled by a democratic council of the heads of it’s patricians, or noble houses.

The nobles of Balic are the landowners, and that ownership is hereditary. Most balican nobles wear a long pleated shirt called a Chiton, often with a short cloak called a chlamys. Many nobles covet more land and power and wish to get elected into the Praetorians.

The Templars of Balic are elected by the patrician council, and serve a 10 year term under a variety of roles. Many of the Praetorians serve as military leaders, guards, or bureaucrats.

Merchant Houses
Balic is primarily the home to three merchant houses, House Wavir, House Rees, and House Tombaldor


In Balic, it is sometimes difficult for someone from another city to tell a freeman from a slave. Comparatively the slaves seem well treated, but only their owners would say that in Balic. Many outsiders see Balic as uncivilized for sharing living space with common property. Citizens and slaves work together, and typically receive more military training than they would in other City-States.
Physical punishment of slaves is frowned upon, but most owners punish their slaves with punishments designed to destroy their spirit and break their will. Extended confinement in small dark pits is a particular favorite. The laws slaves have to deal with are in many ways more strict, a result of them having the freedom to work as they will and at their master’s sides.

Culture and Architecture

The architecture of Balic could best be described as Roman or Greek. Much of the architecture is made of marble. The buildings are grand and often incorporate intricate frescoes and columns.

Much of Balic’s lore is passed down through fictional parables, many of them performed by rhapsodes. In Balic there is much love for storytelling, performances, and art.


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