Character Creation

  • Standard point buy (or 4d6 drop lowest x6).
  • No divine classes.
  • By default, only races out of the Dark Sun book allowed.
  • Optional: Use themes, backgrounds, and wild talents
  • We are using inherent bonuses

Background Questionnaire:

and these questions:

How did you become a slave in the arena?

What did you do before you were a slave in the arena?

What does your character think of being a slave?

What are your character’s primary goals?

If your character was freed/escaped, what would be their first objective?

What key part of the setting does your character (or you as a player) have an interest in exploring or setting right long term?
ex. Slavery, magic persecution, dying world, oppression by Sorcerer-Kings, rediscovering the past, ect?

You have probably heard rumors of Tyr being a free city where slavery is not allowed and the Sorcerer-King is dead, what do you think of this?

Can you read? If so, how did you learn to read? (Remember, reading is illegal to commoners in city-states and generally pointless outside of them)

Character Creation

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