The Economy in Athas

In City-States, ceramic stamped with the seal of that city-state is the official currency. These coins are not transferable to other city-states, though sometimes merchants will take the currency anyway. To trade currencies for another City-State, there is a 10% fee.

Ceramic coins were distributed by the City-States as tokens for water rights. A person could trade in one ceramic piece for one pint of water. Because water is so valuable, the ceramic pieces can be used as currency.

The currency equivalency is:
1 gold = 10 silver = 100 ceramic
1 silver = 10 ceramic
1 ceramic = 10 bits
A bit is 1/10th of a ceramic coin


Most items cost 1/100th of the original cost unless they are made of metal, then they are full price.

Players start with 100 ceramic instead of 100 gold, and rewards are given out in ceramic coins.

Effectively, this makes gold coins 100x more valuable, and metal items (at least) 100x the original cost.

So, for example, a Bone Rapier would cost 25 cp, a metal rapier would cost at least 25 gp, or 2500 cp (and that’s if you could actually find one to buy)


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